What I do

Natasha is trained in a variety of disciplines in health and wellness, neuro-linguistic programming, and digital communication. In 2021, Natasha co-founded the Institute of Conscious Evolution in Toronto, Canada.

Sound Therapy

Natasha has been immersed in the world of sound and healing for 15 years. As a certified sound therapist and sound therapy teacher she has led the launch IOCE’s Sound Therapy Certification.  Please visit soundtherapy.education for more information. 


As a certified medical qigong teacher, she believed in a holist approach to healing and longevity. Qigong is a component of traditional Chinese medicine that combines movement, meditation, and regulation of breathing to enhance the flow of qi (an ancient term given to what is believed to be vital energy) in the body, improve blood circulation, and enhance immune function.


Natasha believes the best way to determine if real magic actually exists is through a field of research called parapsychology. Through her studies of esotericism and the occult, she’s been inspired to teach the first magic classes of their kind, launching on IOCE this summer 2022. “We will be transforming your understanding of magic from being an impossible fantasy to a very real aspect of nature that you can begin to study and implement to improve your overall quality of life.”

Natasha Smith

Certified sound therapist, qigong teacher, parapsychology and occult researcher.

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