Is Magic Real?

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It is my opinion that best way to understand if magic is real is through a field of research called Parapsychology.

Parapsychology involves the application of orthodox scientific and scholarly methods to to investigating experiences classified as psychic phenomena and other paranormal activities including:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Telepathy
  • Precognition
  • Psychokinesis  

Investigating psychic phenomena, is often abbreviated as psi, pronounced “sigh. In parapsychology, psi is the unknown factor in extrasensory perception and psychokinesis experiences that is not explained by known physical or biological mechanisms.

At IOCE we have come to the conclusion that psi is a real phenomenon. Based on growing body of parapsychology scientific experiments there is a rising trend
amongst academic pioneers that dare to study this taboo subject. Scientist don’t settle issues with a single test. Experiments, with the aspiration to undertake investigations in a controlled way that permits analysis and interpretation, are one of the cornerstones of modern science. But how valid are they at showing us what goes on ‘out there’ in the real world? The evidence is difficult to capture because carefully controlled scientific experiments are artificial constructs that require psychic effects to occur on demand. Such experiments rarely capture the motivational or emotional context that seems to spark spontaneous psychic effects. Still the evidence is stronger than many would like to have you believe. Proof in science happens through replication not brought single experiments. Scientific testing of psychic abilities is statistical. That is to say, an effect is considered real when it shows to not be due to randomness (or problems with protocol). You do this by calculating the odds that something might occur due to chance. In the results you get from repeated tries, the higher the odds are against the chance the more likely it is that psi ability is in play. 

The fact is that telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinetic effects have all been independently repeated in laboratories around the world and the results? Effects seen in the lab tend to be rather small because by design they must be demonstrated on demand and under strictly controlled conditions. However even for an atheist and proper non dogmatic skeptic there is something there that cannot be easily denied. 

Yet you will find an avalanche of skepticism from people and academics who’s reaction to the idea that psi might be real is met with a peculiar violence, a flooding of crewel comments and ridicule towards scientist that are risking their reputation and careers to investigate these unexplained phenomena. Unfortunately, this is because these subjects are marginalized from the scientific mainstream and labeled as satanic or evil by orthodox religions. There are a variety of groups and organizations on the internet that specifically attack parapsychology and frontier sciences.  Just as some religious people go off the deep end to become bigots, so some science-minded people go off the deep end and become intolerant of scientific ideas that are outside of the mainstream. 

Despite these attacks, today there is a renewal of interest in psi and the history and practice of magick as many people and scientist alike are realizing that “consciousness”plays a much more important role in our reality than previously thought. 

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